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A Little Gem From The “Afterlives”

I don’t think I’ll ever stop singing the praises of David Eagleman’s superb collection of short-stories, “Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives.” I remember when I bought it, I was...

Moments Of Clarity

One of life’s idiosyncrasies is that our moments of clarity only come to us when we’re on our way to hitting rock bottom, or when we’d already been living there...


We bruise easily, but the bruises don’t go away simply. They become scars that we carry from our past to our present and then to our future.

The Moment Of Truth

If there’s a moment of truth, it’s the moment you face yourself for all the things you are and aren’t, for all the things you want but don’t have, for...

Note To Self And Selves

That’s life: you set a goal and you do your best to reach it, sometimes you achieve it, sometimes you don’t, but you can and should be proud of your...

Our Souls

Our souls last as long as our allotted bodies. And so, we wait. We live and we wait for that unknown expiry date.

To Have A Life

To have a life, we invest ourselves in the lives of others. There’s no One without the Other.

Gemayze, Wired

In broad daylight, power generators’ cables, which underline the Lebanese state’s failed services, are plain to see in Beirut’s prime clubbing/pubbing street. Background: Decades after the civil war, Lebanon still...