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Our Souls

Our souls last as long as our allotted bodies. And so, we wait. We live and we wait for that unknown expiry date.

Our Story

Between your side of the story and mine, there’s our story, the whole story.


Expectations are born out of our mistaken belief that we know each other. But the fact of the matter is we don’t. We don’t know what we can and can’t...

Big Love

No matter how big love is, there’s only so much pain we can take. And the moment we say enough is the moment everything changes.

Animated Existentialism

Animated Existentialism, another term for my experimenting with illustration and self-expression.

To Have A Life

To have a life, we invest ourselves in the lives of others. There’s no One without the Other.


Finitude is the death of creation: We say “all” when we can’t see beyond our own story or world. – Dina Georgis


There’s always a moment in your life when everything changes. Every second is one such moment.