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Standing on the brink

Is There Relief After A Fall?

I often feel like I can barely stay standing. It’s like I’m on the brink of falling, collapsing. Maybe if I did, I’d feel a bit better, because I’d get...

Living and Life

This Thing Called Life

Sometimes I feel like I cannot do this living thing. How do you do this all the time? Day in day out? How do you keep going?

When You Don't Take Your Medication

When You Don’t Mind Your Medication

Specific drugs can be used to decrease the symptoms of depression. But if you don’t take them as prescribed, even after you are feeling better, your road to recovery will be longer. Even worse, you might be doing yourself more harm than good. And your stressors and triggers will be harder to manage.


Why is it so hard to love one self? How do you stop the self-hate cycle?

Defense Mechanism-Rationalization

What Happens When You Rationalize Your Emotions?

What happens when you rationalize your emotions? If you were hurting, would you hurt less? Would your rationalizations keep the pain away in the first place? Can you protect yourself without punishing yourself one way or the other?