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Can You Wish The Pain Away?

For most of 2015, I wished I would disappear. I thought that maybe if I did, the pain would stop. I didn’t disappear. And the pain didn’t stop. It stayed...

Standing on the brink

Is There Relief After A Fall?

I often feel like I can barely stay standing. It’s like I’m on the brink of falling, collapsing. Maybe if I did, I’d feel a bit better, because I’d get...


The Past That Does’t Wash Away Easily

What do you do with the things from your past that still overwhelm you in the present? Things like your childhood, your upbringing, your relationships, and your so-called activism. How...

Living and Life

This Thing Called Life

Sometimes I feel like I cannot do this living thing. How do you do this all the time? Day in day out? How do you keep going?