Category: Reflections

Big Love

No matter how big love is, there’s only so much pain we can take. And the moment we say enough is the moment everything changes.

To Have A Life

To have a life, we invest ourselves in the lives of others. There’s no One without the Other.


There’s always a moment in your life when everything changes. Every second is one such moment.

On Fire And Desire

No matter how many people warn you not to go near the fire, you’ll still approach it. And why wouldn’t you? Have you seen the fire? With blazing red and...

The Pondering In Between

Questioning is speaking. Speaking is being. Being is not feeling. Feeling is not being. And so life goes: entrances and exits and so much pondering in between.

Waynak, Mr. Sandman?

The Sandman is an elusive fella. No matter how many sleepless nights you spend looking for him, you won’t find the tiniest speck of him. But then, just like that,...