Category: Reflections

Smoking And Alienation

My Dear Smoker Friends, I’m alienated by you. Beyond the nicotine addiction, you need to smoke for whichever reason you do. I need to not feel like I’m suffocating with...

Moments Of Clarity

One of life’s idiosyncrasies is that our moments of clarity only come to us when we’re on our way to hitting rock bottom, or when we’d already been living there...


We bruise easily, but the bruises don’t go away simply. They become scars that we carry from our past to our present and then to our future.

The Moment Of Truth

If there’s a moment of truth, it’s the moment you face yourself for all the things you are and aren’t, for all the things you want but don’t have, for...


Humans of this forsaken earth, learn to empathize. The fate of all those broken souls depends on you.

Our Souls

Our souls last as long as our allotted bodies. And so, we wait. We live and we wait for that unknown expiry date.

Our Story

Between your side of the story and mine, there’s our story, the whole story.


Expectations are born out of our mistaken belief that we know each other. But the fact of the matter is we don’t. We don’t know what we can and can’t...