When You Eat Your Emotions

Emotional EatingOne of the symptoms of (or maybe a contributing factor to) my depression was losing touch with my emotions. I’m very familiar with sadness. But I struggle with other emotions, especially anger and happiness.

Over the past few months, whenever I was going through a hard time, I ate my emotions.  Perhaps the (mostly junk) food I ate would resolve the emotion, I thought. It didn’t. Instead, my unexpressed feelings became stuck in my body, like the junk I devoured. It wasn’t long before my self-esteem took another blow and I started hating myself even more than I already did.

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  1. ibrahim haidar says:

    I feel exactly like you! I remember how happiness felt but fail to feel it now. I realize if something is funny but I fail to laugh. I appreciate the beauty of something but fail to smile. I feel so dull…

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