Objectives Of Name-Calling

In our discourse, we have a tendency to use the argumentative fallacy “ad hominem” (Latin: “to the man”). It is a false, incorrect way of arguing with which we try to undermine a speaker’s argument by attacking the speaker instead of addressing the argument in an attempt to discredit them.

Whichever way we choose to present ourselves (activists, bloggers, stand-up comedians, humans, citizens of this earth, etc.), I think it’s important to always pay attention to these politics of name-calling which aim to denigrate, shun, ridicule, silence, aggress and scare people, simply because they have a different opinion and are not afraid to say it.

For a reflection on how “ad hominem” is used against feminists, read “Ad Feministem: a Lesson in Logic” by Nadine Moawad.

For a reflection on the politics of name-calling and homophobia, read “The ‘H-Word’ and the Politics of Name-Calling” on Bekhsoos.

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