On The US Foreign Policy In The Arab World

These days, the US just can’t seem to balance its interests with its values of freedom and democracy, underlining the conflict between the two. More often than not, it’s American interests that are trumping all. Recent case in Point, Egypt.

But following Wikileaks’ release of the US Embassy Cables, aka Cablegate, and Al Jazeera’s The Palestine Papers, and as the protests in Tunisia spilled over into Egypt, Yemen and Jordan, the hidden truth about the world’s lone superpower’s politics continued to unravel. What has become so apparent in the US’s foreign policy when it comes to the growing challenges to the status quo in the Arab world is the following:

  • Stability of a state means brutal repression of a police state.
  • Unwavering support for democracy means conditional support democracy. In other words, the US supports democracy only when it’s to its own liking. It also means “lip service for democracy, but real support for autocrats,” as CNN’s correspondent Ben Wedeman put it.
  • Foreign policy means hypocrisy and duplicity.

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