Adbusting The Mid-East Peace Talks

Israeli and Palestinian leaders have held their first direct negotiations in nearly two years, in Washington.

US President Barack Obama made an appeal to the Israeli and Palestinian leaders on the eve of the summit to not let the chance for peace slip away, and pledged to put the “full weight” of the United States behind the effort to forge peace.

I wonder if this means that he’ll put an end to Israel’s constant impunity and exceptionalism – the idea that the rules that others must follow don’t apply to Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the talks would “not be easy.”

“A true peace, a lasting peace, [would] be achieved only with mutual and painful concessions from both sides,” he said.

I wonder if this means that he’ll freeze settlement activity, lift the Gaza siege, and dismantle the Apartheid regime in the region.

I wonder if those leaders will prove all of us pessimists wrong and put peace ahead of their interests. Because in the end, this photo is what these talks boil down to:

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