Author: Joelle

Note To Self And Selves

That’s life: you set a goal and you do your best to reach it, sometimes you achieve it, sometimes you don’t, but you can and should be proud of your...


Humans of this forsaken earth, learn to empathize. The fate of all those broken souls depends on you.

Our Souls

Our souls last as long as our allotted bodies. And so, we wait. We live and we wait for that unknown expiry date.

Dear Mr. President, Remember Your Words

During his 4 June 2009 speech at Cairo university, US President Barack Obama stated: “Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another...

Our Story

Between your side of the story and mine, there’s our story, the whole story.


Expectations are born out of our mistaken belief that we know each other. But the fact of the matter is we don’t. We don’t know what we can and can’t...

The Story Of Sandra

Today’s Labor Day. This year, activists and organizations rallied to recognize the illegal, inhuman and unethical working conditions of migrant workers in Lebanon as well as the Arab World. To...

Big Love

No matter how big love is, there’s only so much pain we can take. And the moment we say enough is the moment everything changes.