This Is One Way Depression Hits You

This is one way depression hits youIn August 2015, I found out I had a clinical depression. Depression is a mood disorder. Unlike what people usually think, depression is not sadness. It’s more intense and longer lasting than ordinary sadness. Depression manifests itself in different ways. And no two depressions are the same. In my case, depression is accompanied by several impairments, including low self-esteem, an extreme sense of worthlessness and guilt, loss of interest in my normally enjoyable activities, loss of energy, and impaired concentration. There are a lot of misconceptions about what depression is. This comic, the first in a series I hope to make, is my way of living and coping with my depression, and of trying to dispel these misconceptions. Perhaps it might create awareness about what depression is and help give other people who may suffer from depression some comfort to know that they’re not alone. Perhaps it might give friends and relatives of people with depression a deeper understanding of how their loved ones experience their depression.

To learn more about depression, visit this page.


Thank you so, so much Zeina from the Rgheef Sokhon blog for inspiring me to try to express myself with, well, these doodles.

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