All I Want For My Birthday This Year

Map of Lebanon

Some time this January, I’ll be turning one year older. So for my birthday in 2013, all I want is to go on a discovery road trip across Lebanon. Who says birthdays are just one-day celebrations?

The thing is, I’ve always felt like a tourist in my own small country. Those who know a few things about me know that my relationship with the so-called Land of the Cedars has been on the rocks ever since I came of age in my very own way. Even though I’ve tried to fight them and shield myself from them, Lebanon’s all-mighty Octopus and all the associated forms of oppression and nuisances still find a way to hold sway over many aspects of my life. In my head, I’ve even called it quits more times than I can remember. These are the times when change was something I no longer wanted to be part of. I just wanted to go back to my bubble, where I could reconnect with Denial (yes, Denial with a capital D), and try to restore my sanity. But hey, since Lebanon and I are still in each other’s faces, I might as well give it another chance.

And so, “Operation Rekindle the Flame with Lebanon” is on. Who wants to take me on a guided tour of their home town or a place they know really well and I don’t? I’ll do the driving, you do the talking.

Here are some of the towns and regions I’d like to visit:

Baskinta Hrajel Qobayat
Batroun Jezzine Qornet Al Sawda
Berbara Mairouba Rashaya
Bint Jbeil Marjeyoun Sannine
Deir Al Ahmar Nabatieh Sarafand
Deir Al Qamar Naqoura
Halba Qana

If you want to be my guide, make yourself heard in the comments section below, or message me on Twitter.

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2 Responses

  1. Sophie Hakme says:

    ME ME! Qobayat is my turf!
    Also happy early birthday! ^^
    Also shotgun!

  2. Leen Hashem says:

    I’m taking you South, I have a lot of talking to do!

    Happy Birthday Jo!

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