Themes Used To Market Tobacco To Women

Since the 1920s when American women first began to be targeted by the tobacco industry, various images and themes have been used to encourage women to smoke, by promoting smoking’s social acceptability and highlighting the supposed desirable attributes of particular brands of cigarettes.

Some of the most dominant themes that have been linked with smoking and particular cigarette brands are: glamour, sophistication and style, luxury, class and quality, romance and sex, sociability, enjoyment and success, health and freshness, emancipation and, last but not least, being slim.

When the “right” image of women smoking is created, the next phase of the industry’s marketing strategy aims at expanding and stabilizing the market through the creation of “women only” brands with typical female characteristics. The cigarette pack and specially formulated cigarettes (“light”, “slim”, “super-slim”) are prime methods of targeting the female market.

Today women comprise about 20% of the world’s more than 1 billion smokers. It is also well documented that women are as vulnerable as men to the dangers of tobacco, if not more so. Both men and women who smoke are prone to cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease. Tobacco also causes additional female-specific cancers and compromises pregnancy and reproductive health.

Source: World Health Organization

PS: This scrabble is part of a series of posts I’ll be publishing under “Scrabbling Social Issues” to reflect on issues and causes I work on in my activism, using the scrabble as a visualization tool.

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