Stay Calm, Don’t Shop

November 27 is Buy Nothing Day against consumerist capitalism. I made these illustrations and will be thinking twice before I take out one Lira from my purse. There are several ways you too can take part in this Carnivalesque Rebellion as Adbusters magazine called it:

  • Turn off your lights
  • Disconnect your television
  • Lose your cellphone
  • Walk away from the Internet
  • Ride a bike instead of using your car
  • Read a book
  • Daydream
  • Explore nature
  • Ask yourself questions such as: Do I really need that new dress, that shirt, these pants, those glasses, etc? How can I be a smart consumer?
  • Or even circulate these visuals to create awareness

Whatever you do on this day, think of it as an adventure, as therapy – a way to break your pattern and embrace the things that you love but have forgotten that you do.

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